Dozrál čas na ovoce z jižních čech

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About us

Ladies and gentlemen,

we are pleased you entered the ZEMCHEBA L.t.d. Chelčice web pages. Agriculture in a typical south Bohemian landscape of Šumava mountains and charming Bavorov hollow has been following the habitation process of the region. Over the centuries, the landscape, building up ponds and planting fruit trees have been reformed in order to correspond with their managers. All such activities were performed with a great affection towards south Bohemian landscape and ZEMCHEBA L.t.d. CHELČICE aspires to continue in these traditional values. The spirit of gathering and cooperation retained in CHELČICE is with no doubt a sign of business maturity and conscious ness mainly in agriculture and fruit growing.
I believe these web pages will contribte to our communication, mutual recognition and bilaterally beneficial cooperation.
With best wishes
                                      Jaroslav Muška

Chelčice čp. 106
389 01 Vodňany
tel.: +420 383 38 22 36,
       +420 383 38 21 77
fax: +420 383 38 22 12
IČO: 25174797
DIČ: CZ25174797,